Hello! Above are some recent videos with my wife Paige! We got married in the summer of 2021 and think marriage is the best thing. We really value relationships, intentionality, connection and rest. I currently work full time as a freelance filmmaker - both inside and outside the wedding industry. Outside of work you will find me enjoying nature, coffee, music and time with friends. I really love being with people and see connection as the best thing. I am a follower of Jesus and do my best to live like he did. That practically looks like trying to love other people well, looking for ways to thoughtfully serve those around me, and trying to live each day with intentionality.

My films are carefully made with a story driven, timeless and emotion filled approach. My aim is to craft slower paced films that focus on your story as a couple by incorporating meaningful audio (personal vows, letters, or speeches) into your film. My hope is that couples feel free to be themselves on their wedding day and that their film captures an authentic picture of who they are in such a special season of their life.

It is an honor for me to serve people throughout the season of engagement and on their wedding day. Each year I purposefully take on a limited number of weddings because I believe each couple deserves to be served really well. My desire is to create a space where couples feel valued for who they are. I want to personally connect with each couple I work with and be more than just another vendor on their wedding day. I hope to encourage the practice of intentionality by helping you dream creatively about what would be meaningful to you on your wedding day.

Some words from my wife, Paige:

"Blase is the kind of person who has a value for doing all things in his life well, but he never values excellence more than relationships. He holds each thing that he does with so much care, including his role as a wedding filmmaker. We have countless conversations with one another about how to incorporate his values for relationship, connection, and intentionality into his work so that the lines are blurred between his job and “real life”. Blase has a laid back and peaceful presence that allows for these things to be present wherever he is. Filmmaking is truly a passion for Blase, and I think this passion paired with his desire for authenticity and connection is evident in the films that he makes."